Random Food Tip for Clam Chowder

I love a nice, creamy New England Clam Chowder any day of the week. Recently, I had some homemade clam chowder with fresh clams made for a friend’s baby’s birthday. It was pretty good, but my palate wanted it to be a little saltier.

I added croutons instead of oyster crackers, and sprinkled in some feta cheese. Wow, what a nice additional layer of flavor. If there are salt-lovers out there, give this a try and let me know how it tastes to you.


Baby Box

Babies are miracles and gifts from God. However, not everyone feels that way. Some are simply not able to provide for their babies. One Korean Pastor’s approach to this is the Baby Box.


Can you be a housewife and a feminist?

What does feminism mean? Does it refer to women being equal to men? Does it mean that women should fight for their independence and do whatever they want? Does it mean that women should have their own career so that they don’t need to depend on men for money? It certainly could. Being a housewife in contemporary time seems to contrast with the idea of being a feminist. But that’s not necessarily true. Feminism is about having the freedom to make a choice. If one chooses to be a housewife, then that is also a choice.